To take care of the patient, you must take care of your colleagues and organizational health.

nThrive Education and KnowledgeSource.

For health systems that demand exceptional colleague performance and flawless operational and financial processes.

nThrive Education provides health care education solutions through advanced tools and a learner-centric methodology to build workforce competency and role optimization. KnowledgeSource is a one-stop source for knowledge exchange, integrated content, billing intelligence and improved revenue performance.

Over 1,000 courses support patient access, coding, CDI, patient financial services, and more.

Certifications and badges showcase the attainment of knowledge for a particular role (certifications) or function (badges).

Bundled solutions of preselected courseware expand and sharpen your skills.

Assessments, from competency-based to continual education, cover every area of the revenue cycle.

Targeted courseware, simulations, videos, games, and resources are tailored to the individual user.

Career pathways help you prepare for or fully certify your current role.

Access our comprehensive “one stop” billing, coding & compliance tool to improve reimbursement, increase accuracy and reduce denials.

Reduce revenue delay, navigate complex regulations, and mitigate coding/billing errors with the Professional version of KnowledgeSource.

Optimize results and eliminate rework today by customizing the application with your favorite add-ons in a single product.

It is our promise to you that we will thrive together.